Beth Ann
SC House 69

Fiscally conservative and responsible.
Advocate for civil liberties and justice for all.
Evidence-based decision-making. 

Please, allow me to introduce myself

I am intellectually curious and courageous and beholden to no person or institution. As a result I am free to make decisions and act based on my value system and integrity. My vote is not for sale. The culture of service in my family runs deep.  I seek office for no self-serving reason and for no personal gain. I balance my own budget while doing right by others. I will do the same in the SC House. 

I’ve worn many hats in the for-profit sector and the nonprofit sector and have been responsible and accountable for multi-million dollar budgets of other people's money. The American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (among others) trust me because I get the job done within bounds of ethical guiding principles. 

I can recognize and develop opportunity and at the same time speak truth to power in a way that rarely burns a bridge and often becomes a bridge. Seems to me this is exactly what we need in the SC House of Representatives. 

I understand the importance of balance sheets, investment, accountability, transparency, education, taxation, law, evidence-based decision-making and priority-setting, and doing what one says one will do. 

Yes, I identify as a Democrat because I have to pick one, and because I lean in that direction -- some of my positions are in fact rather progressive-leaning.  I am pleased to be a fusion candidate so I will be on the ballot both as a Democrat and as a Working Families Party candidate. This is going to take all of us.

I certainly hope to have the support of Democrats, Independents, and many Republicans. The label does not matter. We want lawmakers who are for common sense gun laws; educators and education; expanded Medicaid; environmental protections and good stewardship; equality for all; and civil, worker, and women's rights. I believe most voters want lawmakers who both CAN do the job and WILL do the job with skill, honor, grace, ethics, principles, and absent any self-dealing conflicts of interest and for the greater good. I believe Republicans, Independents and Democrats all want these qualities in their elected officials before all else. 

I believe this election is about competency and character. I vote based on those qualities before any other. Please do the same.